Động Cơ DC Mabuchi Encoder 448  Xung/Vòng


Japanese Mabuchi 385-16140 speed motor with Motor coil DC resistance 11 ohms.

Operating voltage from 3V to 30V.

Atropisomers Current = Voltage / coil resistance.

The motor characteristics are as follows:

1 The motor is used in laser printers, and industrial quality. Standard Model 385.

2.448 Line AB phase encoder includes shaping circuit, the output is a square wave, can be directly linked microcontroller IO.

3 encoder actual 2.5V-5V are working properly, square norm, 3.3V power consumption when measured 10ma, powered encoder red light, very beautiful, AB phase output, phase A or B in the rising phase or falling edge judge each level, you can determine the direction of rotation.

4 encoder PCB easily removed (with a suction motor remove tin electrodes and the PCB solder encoder, the encoder come completely off).

5 original band line, PH2.0 plug, anti-interference ring; wire and PCB with glue, wire is welded to ensure good contact at the same time is also very high mechanical strength.