ARM STM32 M3 Cortex-m3 STM32F103C8T6

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Hardware resources:

1, STM32F103C8 a main chip

2, SMD crystal 8M (up by chip PLL 72M) ST official standard parameters

3, LM1117-3.3V regulator chip provides a maximum current of 800mA

4, all the way miniUSB interface, you can give the system version powered USB communication functions reserved

5, the reset button

6, a standard JTAG download port, support JLink, STLink

7, BOOT select the port

8, IO extension pin 20pin x 2

9, a power indicator

10, features an indicator used to verify basic functionality IO port

11, reserved for serial download interface, easy and 5V development board connected to the serial port can be used to download the program

12, size: 64mm X 36.4mm

13, high performance Epson 32768Hz crystal, crystal-line price is 10 times the price, easy start-up

14,20K RAM, 64K ROM, TQFP48 package

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