ESP8266-07/12 Adapter

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ESP8266-07/12 Adapter là sản phẩm mạch ra chân và tương thích với ESP8166 V7 hoặc V12 chân dán.


ESP8266-07/12 Adapter giá rẻ

Thông số kỹ thuật ESP8266-07/12 Adapter


- Tương thích hoàn toàn với ESP8266 V12, V7 và V8

- Custom designed pin headers take minimum real-estate on breadboard

- Plug-n-play solution. No external pull-up / pull-down resistor necessary.

- One button reset/program mode selection (short press for reset, long press to enter program mode)

- On-board 3.3v regulator with appropriate heatsink. ESP8266 can take as much as 300mA, that could mean 0.5W dissipation @5V input. The amount of heat cannot be overlooked.

- On-board UART (UART0) connector with FTDI Basic compatible pinout for easy programming and debugging

- All parts from reputable supplier. 100% tested.


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